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Q:  What age is the Rad Dad Baby Board intended for?

A:  The Rad Dad Baby Board is designed for kids as young as 9 months old or older. Your kiddo will need to be able to sit up and grasp the handle.  Once your awesome little ripper outgrows the Baby Board on land, then take the rope handle off and let them learn how to body surf with it.  We hope you get some mean barrels.

Q:  On what surfaces can the Rad Dad Baby Board be used?

A:  Almost any surface: Carpet, grass, sand, 1-3” of water, snow, dirt, gravel, street (please use a helmet on any of the hard stuff).  We have not tried the moon, water skiing, or skydiving with it yet, but we are looking for talented young team riders to continue our testing.

Q:  Is the Rad Dad Baby Board waterproof?

A:  Yes, it is completely waterproof.  We tried really hard to make the board super durable and waterproof.  Try to give it a quick rinse and keep it out of the sun to avoid hardening of the squishy foam pad. Sitting in diapers is uncomfortable enough, let's make sure your foam pad stays nice and soft.

Q: What is the warranty on the Rad Dad Baby Board?

A:  30 Day money back guarantee. We stand behind our product 100%. If for any reason the board isn't completely epic, send us an email and we'll get you squared away.

Thanks for checking us out everyone!!!!!!!


Roderick and Sanoe

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